Visualizing the startup ecosystem network


Fetching data using CrunchBase API

This analysis deploys crowdsourced data from Crunchbase, a continuously updated platform of technology-based startups. In total we identified 27,415 innovative, young U.S. firms on the Crunchbase platform, operating in 421 metro areas across 424 technology categories.

Text analysis and classifications

We use text analysis to extract key words from company descriptions to identify the key technologies deployed by these innovative startups, ranging from cutting-edge technologies such as autonomous vehicles, neuroscience, and 3D technology, to niche markets including gamification, career planning, and content delivery networks.

Network Analysis

To visualize the startup technology space in each metro area, we follow the network analysis approach. For example, this startup ecosystem network below shows the implicit relatedness of one technology to another. The distance between the nodes are determined by the tendency of different technologies to be deployed by the same companies.

For details, please check out this blogpost on CrunchBase.